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I absolutely loved Ryusei no Kizuna. I like how they did the opening song and showed both the past and present. I really like the child actors.

Don't ask why I'm randomly capping the episode. Go forth and watch it though. Even if there aren't any witty comments to convince you.

I loved this scene. It really made be anxious for the series to begin when I saw it on Osama no Brunch

We see pretty Nino sleeping. But unfortunately gets woken up by Kaname Jun wanting so Hayashi Rice

He doesn't approve.

Taisuke calls Koichi. Koichi starts freaking out. Taisuke doesn't make it any better by stating that his "precious little sister" is handing out condoms

I'm guessing this is their reaction to Shizuna stating that she has had sex before

Taisuke wonders if Koichi was the one that recorded all the videos. Koichi is quite proud of his success

-flashback to creeper!Koichi-

=O.Koichi is saddened that his siblings don't approve of his actions

But he even figured out what the lady was going to do!

Ryo's character is so talkative...

I bet you would like to know what's going on.

What killed me is the fact that the kids were so close to being killed. What killed me even more is that Taisuke could have been killed if the man turned around.

The kids seeing their parents dead broke my heart. Poor Shizuna isn't even awake.

Very Nice Nino..
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